Batman Mug

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DC has given us one of the most iconic superheroes but the most memorable is batman! Yes the same guy whose superpower is that he’s rich. The genius vigilante comes up with some brilliant plans and equally cool gadgets. The coolest has to be the batwings! The wide wings help him glide and leap from building to buildings. Capturing the same spirit is this batwing mug. Made entirely out of ceramic, the mug is perfect for starting a lazy day. The wings serve as sturdy handles and have detailed digits that look like real bat wings. The jet black color gives it a darker appeal. The mug has a capacity of 300ml and is microwave friendly. This makes it easier for you to heat your beverage at your office too. Do give the batwing mug a try as it is bound to turn heads and get some attention. It can be an ideal gift for kids, friends and family.


Type: Coffee Tea Mugs

Style: Batman Wings

Color: Black

Volume: 300ml (Approx.)

Material: Ceramic

Product Dimension: Height: 10cm, Top Diameter: 8cm, Bottom Diameter: 8cm, Length with Wings: 22cm

Package Includes: 1 x Batman Wing Ceramic Mug

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