Bulb Curtain Lights

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The Perfect Lighting for any Celebration Decor! 

- Create a cozy atmosphere, charming and festive accent, to a casual evening under the stars
- Bulb Quantity: Includes 12 bulbs
- Bulb Material: Plastic
- Color: Warm White with 8 lighting modes
- Includes 6 Small strings (60 cm hanging) & 6 long strings (88 cm hanging) of bulbs (check images for reference)
- Length of the main string is approx 2.7m
- Powered by EU Plug (Indian) 2.5 A | 250V (check images for reference)
- An extra plug outlet included so you can connect another set of Bulb String Curtain Lights (just insert the EU Plug in the empty plug outlet)

Create a warm & festive atmosphere by decorating your home with these elegant Bulb String Curtain Lights! It is sure to leave a lasting impression and leave some beautiful memories. It's perfect for Backyards, Gazebos, Gardens, Pergolas, Decks, City Rooftops, Weddings, Bbq, Dinner Parties, Birthday Parties, Gatherings and festivals!