Harry Potter Series - Lord Voldemort Wand

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Made from willow with the core of unicorn hair, this 14” wand was manufactured by Garrick Ollivander. This wand suited Ron better than his first wand which he had inherited from his older brother Charlie. This wand aided Ron in many battles against Lord Voldemort. So get this wand to come closer to the enchanting magical world of Harry Potter. It is a true collectible and makes for a wonderful gift to any potterhead. "EXPECTO PETRONUM" Hogwarts is now close than ever !! Grab your favourite wand & who knows you might receive your Hogwarts acceptance letter as well ! 


  • Ron Weasley Wand
  • A Stunning, High Quality, beautiful Replica Magic Wand from Harry Potter Motion Picture
  • Comes in a beautiful Ollivander's Collectible box
  • Ideal for owning/gifting
  • Method of Manufacturing- PVC Carved on Metal String